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Paternity establishes the legal rights, obligations, and benefits for a biological father, mother, and child. A child’s mother, an alleged father who believes he has a child, or a legal representative acting on behalf of a child, can initiate a paternity action. Disputes can arise when a mother seeks child support and paternity is not established. Likewise, conflicts occur when an alleged father wants custody or timesharing rights with a child, and he is not legally recognized as the father. Establishing paternity aids a child in their development and identity. In addition, it is a source of financial support and other resources. What is best for the child remains at the forefront of every paternity case.

The Outcome of a Paternity Case Can Have Tremendous Impacts on a Family

Seeking to establish or repudiate the paternity of a child is complex and highly emotional for those involved. At the Law Offices of Alison M. Lopes, we represent individuals pursuing the resolution of paternity matters. Our dedicated and compassionate legal team has a high commitment and knowledge of family law matters. We understand the ramifications of paternity, can answer your questions, and guide you on how you should proceed with your issue.

The Benefits of Establishing Paternity for a Child are:

  • Access to the father’s medical history
  • Financial support
  • Health and life insurance benefits
  • Inheritances
  • Military benefits
  • Social Security benefits

In addition, it affords the father and mother certain rights and privileges such as timesharing, custody, child support, and the ability for both parents to make legal decisions for the child.

How Paternity is Established in Florida

When a married couple has a child, it automatically gives paternity rights to the husband. If an unmarried couple has a child and jointly signs an Acknowledgement of Paternity form, the named father is legally granted birthrights and is added to the birth certificate. When there is a question or a dispute regarding parentage, the court determines fatherhood based on evidence regarding the alleged father, including genetic testing. In this case, the court issues an administrative order legally establishing fatherhood. When an unmarried couple has a child and later decides to marry, they can apply for a marriage certificate and complete The Affirmation of Common Child(ren) Born in Florida. The Florida Bureau of Vital Statistics can add the father to the birth certificate.

Seek Legal Counsel from an Experienced Florida Lawyer

Complex legal scenarios such as child custody, timesharing, and child support can erupt once paternity is established. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side is key to protecting your rights and interests. At the Law Offices of Alison M. Lopes, we represent fathers who are denied their rights or have been wrongfully named the father of a child. We represent mothers seeking child support or the sharing of parental responsibilities. We represent and advocate for children who have the right to know their parents for emotional healing, financial support, and more.

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