How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one are charged with a crime, you need a lawyer who will represent your best interests in court to help mitigate the life-long effects of being convicted of a crime. A conviction will affect the rest of your life, so choosing a criminal defense attorney with the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you achieve the best outcome is vital. Here’s what you should look for when hiring a criminal defense attorney to represent you. 

Understand the Charges 

Your criminal defense attorney must know what’s at stake when representing you. You need someone willing to comb through police reports, witness testimony, and expert opinions to build your defense. You need someone intimately familiar with your case details and circumstances to defend you well in court. 

Experience Defending Similar Crimes 

There are many criminal defense lawyers in Central Florida, but you need someone experienced in representing the crime you’ve been charged with. A criminal defense lawyer who primarily defends drug cases won’t be as prepared to defend against a violent crime or attempted murder. Criminal defense attorney Alison M. Lopes is experienced in defending clients in trial cases of attempted first-degree murder, capital sexual battery, drug trafficking, and more. 

Familiarity With Local Criminal Law 

Not only do you need a lawyer who is experienced in representing the type of crime you’ve been charged with, but you also need a lawyer who is familiar with the laws in the jurisdiction where you’re facing charges. Criminal defense attorney Alison M. Lopes has decades of experience representing criminal defense clients in Osceola and Orange counties. 

Experience and History 

You’ll want a skilled lawyer with a history of getting results. The lawyer’s certifications, qualifications, and associations should be easy to find on their website, proving their legal ability to practice law. Alison M. Lopes is a Member of the Florida Bar and a Florida Bar Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer. She has worked on over 70 criminal jury trials and is also a member of the Orange and Osceola County Bars. 


Most of the casework happens before you and your lawyer enter the courtroom. You need a lawyer who is willing to put in the work for you to ensure you are defended well. We’ll thoroughly investigate your case details to develop your defense. We’ll examine discovery from the prosecution, interview witnesses, and gather expert testimony to build your defense. We’ll review how law enforcement handled your arrest and evidence collection to ensure all laws and requirements were followed. 


When facing serious criminal charges, you need the ability to get in touch with your lawyer quickly. When you work with a lawyer like Alison M. Lopes, you’ll get one-on-one attention. We’ll update you about the case frequently, and you can contact us anytime for updates. We understand that clear and effective communication is essential to your case before, during, and after your trial. We’re also effective communicators in the courtroom, giving the jury and the judge an accurate and clear picture of the circumstances of your case. 

Alison M. Lopes – Criminal Defense Attorney 

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you deserve adequate representation. Alison M. Lopes has experience representing clients facing criminal charges, including felonies, misdemeanors, and capital offenses. We advocate for your rights throughout your case. Contact our office at 407-442-2724 for a consultation.