Despite its unfortunate nature, domestic violence is common in our society, and many people suffer at the hands of it. Be it due to disputes between partners due to conflicting interests, misunderstandings, or any other reason, there are cases where one party has resorted to violence. At the Law Offices of Alison M. Lopes, we deal with cases about domestic abuse, be it physical or life-threatening. There are consequences attached to domestic violence charges, and we will be looking at those in detail.


What is Domestic Violence?

Since it is easy to misread a situation, it is essential that we lay down what we refer to when we talk about domestic violence in the state of Orlando, FL. Under the law in Florida, specific incidents on family members are counted as domestic violence. These incidents include aggravated assault or stalking, false imprisonment, assault or battery, kidnapping, aggravated battery, sexual assault, or any other criminal offense that imposes physical injury or death that comes under the definition of domestic violence.

Who is considered as a family member by the law, and who is not? Current spouses or former partners, people who have had a child, or people related by marriage or blood are family members.


Consequences of Domestic Violence Charges

The consequences of charges against domestic violence can be very grave, depending on the situation’s intensity. Starting with the most severe penalty, a person can go to jail or get imprisoned for their actions if they are proven guilty of the domestic violence charges against them. If you have caused some bodily harm, you will have to spend at least five days in county jail, and under no excuses is this penalty not exercised. As the intensity of domestic violence increases, the imprisonment time also goes up; for instance, people can be convicted for 15 years if they are found guilty of aggravated battery.

Florida’s law takes a keen step in making the community safer and has thus made it mandatory for guilty people to receive counseling while serving time in jail or outside. In addition to counseling, restraining orders are also issued that restrict the abuser from going near the victim. Taking things further, the abuser, if licensed, is given limited rights to carry firearms.


Legal Representation

These hefty consequences result from the law in Florida comprehending the seriousness and unfortunate nature of domestic violence. Therefore, if you are accused of domestic violence, your first plan should be to hire an attorney to help you with a strong defense for yourself. Once the attorney is hired, you will have to leave your case in their hands and trust them to put an argument that will work in your favor. Success on your attorney’s part could result in reduced charges or the charges being dropped overall.

However, while working with your attorney, make sure you don’t violate any partial or complete orders of protection issued by the court and don’t engage in things that could land you in further trouble.


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